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Fruit Puree Rocket Lollies

Fruit Puree Rocket Lollies

And while the glorious weather continues……………………..put your hand up if you remember eating Rocket lollies as a child?!?! So cooling on hot days and being a fruit lover I could never make up my mind which my favourite flavour was.


Healthy Fruit Puree Rocket Lollies


Strawberry pineapple orange strawberry yep definitely pineapple. Oh they’re all so yummy!!!!


Healthy Fruit Puree Rocket Lollies


Fruit is so amazingly sweet at the moment that when I made these I didn’t need to add anything to the fruit puree (I decided to use fruit puree instead of juice so you get all the goodness from the fruit – more on that later!) If your fruit happens to be a little less sweet you can always add a little sweetener, like agave nectar or honey to improve the taste.


Healthy Fruit Puree Rocket Lollies


The real beauty of these lollies (other than the simply stunning colours) is that they are so much healthier than the sugar/chemical alternatives. Plus once I’d figured out the layering they’re super easy to make.


Healthy Fruit Puree Rocket Lollies


The knack to getting the layers, I have discovered, is to chop and freeze the fruit first. When I first tried I simply pureed the fruit and layered them into the moulds. The result was a beautiful marbled effect. It looked really lovely but I wanted the defined sections of the original.


Healthy Fruit Puree Rocket Lollies


I couldn’t freeze one layer at a time as the stick goes a long way down so I chopped and froze the fruit overnight first.  (For the oranges I cut off the peel and then use a sharp knife to cut out the segments. This way you still get loads of fibre but not too much pith.)


Healthy Fruit Puree Rocket Lollies


Remove from the freezer 30-45 mins before blending and make sure the fruit puree, whilst still cold, is just running enough to pour into the moulds. Also it really helps to place the lollies in the freezer for 15 mins between each layer. This way you get the distinct layers Rocket lollies are famous for.


Healthy Fruit Puree Rocket Lollies


I can’t tell you just how delicious there are. Perfect for this beautiful weather, no yucky additives so perfect for the little kids and adults kids alike and perfect for this awesome fruit season.


Healthy Fruit Puree Rocket Lollies


Hot tip on these is that running them under the hot tap for a few seconds really does make them easier to get out.


So here goes…..


Fruit Puree Rocket Lollies

Prep Time: 30 mins                       Freeze Time: 12 hrs                         

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Serves 6                                                    


1½ Cups Strawberries - chopped and frozen overnight

3 Oranges - segmented and frozen overnight

1½ Cups Pineapple - chopped and frozen overnight



1) Remove the fruit from the freezer and leave for 30-45 mins.


2) In your blender puree the strawberries until smooth.


3) Pour into the mould filling about 1/3 and place in the freezer for 15 mins.


4) Blend the oranges until completely smooth.


5) Pour over the top of the strawberry, filling another 1/3 of the mould and place in the freezer for 15 mins.


6) Blend the pineapple until completely smooth.


7) Pour the pineapple on top of the orange in the mould leaving about ½ cm air gap at the top so the lolly can expand as it freezes.


8) Put the sticks into the lollies and place them in the freezer for at least 12 hrs.


9) Before removing from the mould run under the hot tap for about 30 secs.


Healthy Fruit Puree Rocket Lollies


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