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Strawberries and Cream in a Jar


I simply love a straight forward, no fuss but irresistible delicious dessert that I can put in a jar and take on one of my adventures.


Strawberries and Cream in a Jar


What could be a better example of this than strawberries and cream in a jar during the Wimbledon season?


Strawberries and Cream in a Jar


It doesn’t matter if you are watching it at centre court at Wimbledon, in a park or even in your own back garden this is the perfect way to enjoy strawberries and cream for anyone, simple, no mess, delectable and convenient to boot!


Strawberries and Cream in a Jar


I must confess, I say with a slightly guilty expression, that whilst football mania is currently in play (you should see the awesomeness of our café at work,) the start of Wimbledon had slipped from my view.


Strawberries and Cream in a Jar


Until, that is, one morning walking in we had the match playing on our screens in the lobby. Wimbledon is fun, but for me it lets me know that it’s time to pop to the supermarket and check out the strawberry selection. I love berries so much I would be gutted to miss any extra opportunities to add them in to my desserts.


Strawberries and Cream in a Jar


So whether you’re watching the tennis or the footie (congrats England on making it to the semi-finals!!!!!!! Wahoooooo!!!) in the heatwave you are definitely going to want some of this lovely little dessert


Strawberries and Cream in a Jar


So grab your cool boxes, your jars and some juicy strawberries……………………


Strawberries and Cream in a Jar

Prep Time:10 mins                                              

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Serves: 2                           


1 Cups COYO Coconut Milk Yoghurt

1 tbsp. Maple Syrup

½ tsp. Powdered Vanilla 

2 Cups Strawberries (chopped) 


     1)      Mix together the COYO coconut milk yoghurt, maple syrup and vanilla.

     2)      Cover the bottom of each jar with about ¼ of the coconut yoghurt mix.

     3)      Split the strawberries between the jars.

     4)      Cover the strawberries with the remaining coconut yoghurt.

     5)      Store in the fridge – take out in a cool bag!


Strawberries and Cream in a Jar


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