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Chocolate Cream Filled Mini Easter Eggs

Chocolate Cream Filled Mini Easter Eggs

Okay put your hand up if you remember the first Lindt Lindor Easter egg that you ever had……………………………………… I do for sure. (Don’t worry if you could never have them - all that is about to change!!!)

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Caramel Whip and Hazelnut Slice


Happy Mother’s day everyone – and especially to all you awesome Mum’s out there!

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Lemon and Sultana Pancakes


Fluffy, delicious these awesome little pancakes are the perfect Sunday morning treat brunch.

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Almond and Apricot Shortcake


I had this plan where I would sit down with a slice of this apricot and almond shortcake and whilst I sat enjoying every mouthful, in the small amount of sunshine peeking from behind the clouds and through my window, I  would share with you all the amazing qualities associates with this delicious treat.

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Juba’s Cherry Chocolate Slice


Rich, sweet and the perfect balance between fruit and chocolate – thank you Juba for the inspiration!

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Peach Melba Cheesecake

Peach Melba Cheesecake

Grab a fork and come on over! Finally I’ve done it! I’ll ignore for the moment that the kitchen is littered with my failed attempts and the washing up is stacked a mile high because here I have a high protein, low fat, cholesterol free absolutely scrumptious baked cheesecake. Yay!!!!!

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Orange and Cranberry Bakewell Tart


They say to start the New Year how you mean to continue. So I am going to start mine with an outrageous classic, which is a personal favourite, but with a winter twist!

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Chocolate Orange and Raisin Slice


As we have raced through December Christmas is upon us!! (You know this for sure when you can’t get a parking space in town on a Saturday after 9 am!!!!) Christmas has always been a time when a lot of baking has taken place in our house.

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Luxury Shortbread Mince Tart


Mincemeat is undoubtedly one of my favourite foods on the planet - the perfect blend of sweet and spicy, rich and fruity.

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Delectable Thanksgiving Pecan Pie


I wish I could convey to you with words just how scrumptious this Pecan Pie is but I am at a loss!!! Pecan nuts and caramel have always been perfect together and this Pecan Pie is no exception

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Mixed Summer Berry Ice Cream


You must have noticed by now that our holidays are always made complete by at least one ice-cream outing.

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Strawberry Blueberry and Banana Overnight Oats



Fruity, delicious and nutritious – oh yes, my favourite combo!!!

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Raw Berry Tart


This is, undoubtedly, the perfect summer treat. With those always awesome summer berries, with a dash of COYO, you really can’t go wrong!

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Raw Lemon Date Bars


Nutritious, delicious, the perfect little keep-you-going-on-the-road bar!

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Peach and Nectarine Ice with Raspberry Coulis


Light, sweet, refreshing, it really is perfect in this heatwave!

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Pineapple, Orange and Cherry Ice Cream Cake


Cool, refreshing, simply scrumptious and with sleep aid ingredients nothing could be more perfect in the heatwave!

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Strawberries and Cream in a Jar


I simply love a straight forward, no fuss but irresistible delicious dessert that I can put in a jar and take on one of my adventures.

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Lemon and Ginger Cookie Slice


The perfect balance between sweet and spicy with an awesome zest – these are truly irresistible!

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Hazelnut Cupcakes with a Chocolate Hazelnut Topping


Light, fluffy, sweet and nutty - these gorgeous little cupcakes really are just heavenly!

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Lemon Cherry and Almond Chocolate Chunks


One super amazing, absolutely divine chocolate that will any day a treat day! Fridays are always an exciting day in my office.

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